How can we celebrate the Chinese New Year through an architectural intervention?

Every year in Hong Kong, Victoria Park holds the largest Lunar New Year Fair “Flower Market” in the city. Victoria Park is also the most popular public ground that allows all Hong Kong citizens to gather in order to bid farewell to the past year and welcome a new year with aspiration. Our proposal considers Victoria Park as the living room of Hong Kong, and erects a trio of fai chun with a contemporary interpretation at its main entrance.

In Chinese society, Lunar New Year is a time when the entire city becomes decked out in festive colours. From the individual up to the home and city, the spirit of festivity is seen at every corner. During the festive period, fai chun are placed around doorways to symbolize good luck and prosperity. The decoration also creates a jubilant atmosphere to welcome people into our homes.

Taking inspiration from the traditional handicraft of the Chinese knot, the overhanging structure of the gateway is formed by ropes. Viewed from all directions, the sides and top of the gateway create the traditional trio of vertical chunlian and horizontal chuntiao in a celebratory gesture. Visitors passing into the flower market step through the gateway, where the interplay of rope creates a dynamic moiré effect. Together with the lighting and form, the spirit and harmony of the season is expressed. 

Hong Kong