Can art be used to rejuvenate two towns in Flanders?

In 2019, the region of Leiedal in Belgium organized a competition looking for ideas on how best to create an art trail through the region. To be arranged along a series of sites, it is envisioned the interventions would rejuvenate the region.

We started by asking ourselves: what does Spiere need? The region of Spiere-Helkijn in the west of Belgium spots a population of only approximately 2,000. The old water-treatment plant last saw its heyday in 1955, and has the potential to become a social generator for Spiere-Helkijn.

The design proposes a canopy to be installed over the pool, providing it with shelter, a programmatic ballast and most importantly, a visual landmark within the flat landscape of the context. The intervention allows direct interaction from the community as well as visitors, thus allowing people to participate and feel a sense of ownership to the design. 

Spiere-Helkijn, Belgium 


Public, Installation