Westfield Century City, Los Angeles

19 September 2019 to 2 October 2019



JOKE’s design “Moiré Cities” readies for exhibition

Exploring the difference between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, the exhibit highlights the variation in scale between the two cities. While Los Angeles is often thought of as a horizontal city, with building programme spread out across city blocks, Hong Kong is inherently vertical, with the various programmes happening within the same building.

The model showcases this difference by representing the same programmes but at different scales when viewed from two different perspectives, one representing Hong Kong and one representing Los Angeles. Like two overlapping patterns creating interference over each other, the model encourages exploration between the gaps of the two cities to reveal the built environment in both.

The “Island__Peninsula” Architecture Exhibition is organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and part of the “Think Asia Think Hong Kong” event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Tourism Board.