Can a garage be transformed into a dwelling?

Using a palette of natural light, landscape and spatial rearrangement, we transformed a utilitarian garage into a space for living.

For a site in suburban San Diego, we were tasked with designing a dwelling based around an existing garage structure. The design takes inspiration from climatical conditions of Southern California to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a living space that flows seamlessly between the two.

Using the wide open façade of the existing garage door, the elevation is designed with foldable glass doors which connect the living space with the outside garden. To control the harsh south-facing sun, a new canopy extends the length of the façade, connecting with a new outdoor garden.

Inside, the space is designed around an open plan living area. Entry to the house is through a vestibule which overlooks onto a landscaped garden like a painting of the landscape. Bedrooms lead off the main space, offering views of the surrounding garden.

The existing open truss ceiling is left exposed as a defining feature of the ceiling, which also adds to the rustic charm and aesthetics of the design.

Interior furnishes are designed to complement the Southern charms of the property, with a heavy emphasis on exposed wood and dark metal trims. Terracotta also plays a prominent role in bringing warmth and intimacy to the design.

The design places a heavy emphasis on the connection between the indoor and outdoors.

Jamul, US