Hong Kong Science Park Office

Can the office building push beyond the envelope to create an architecture that interacts directly with the site?

Hong Kong




The Hong Kong Science Park, located on the shores of Tolo Harbour, is a new type of development in Hong Kong with offices and other science related functions grouped together within a park like setting. This competition called for a rethink of the office building, taking advantage of its unique context.

Rather than propose another office block with a green roof on top, our design combines the challenges of sustainability, efficiency and context to create a building that is deeply rooted within the setting of the Tolo Harbour. Instead of setting out to create an iconic building, the iconic form of the design is derived from its functions. The characteristic green roof is derived from the desire to welcome people literally on to the building, thus giving the building its distinctive appearance.

Our design further challenges the notion of repetitiveness as the means to creating maximum efficiency in an office setting. Instead of a simple column and beam structure, the building is supported by two trusses at the perimeter, anchored by a concrete core which serves as the main circulation of the building. Our design moves beyond providing a simple green roof and aims to transform this green roof into the main feature which would allow the building to become an activity node within the overall development, allowing each floor their individual access to greenery. The building is designed so that the circulation spaces become communal, encouraging interaction amongst the occupants as well as the public who are allowed to enter parts of the building.