Thresholds 41


“Democratic Expression: Architecture Hijacks Spectacle”, was recently published by Kenneth Ip in Thresholds 41, the peer-reviewed journal produced by editors at the MIT Department of Architecture. The paper looks at the political situation of post-colonial Hong Kong and questions the role of architecture and public space in politics.

In a society where discontent is expressed collectively through street demonstration and protests, space becomes a politically charged entity, a hostage and a medium. In addition to the transformation of space, media also plays an important role in contemporary demonstrations. Architecture is no longer about buildings but extends into the realm of politics. In a hypothetical project for the relocation of the headquarters for the Central Liaison Office in Hong Kong, the paper questions the neutrality of spaces and the role architecture has to play in stating a political position.

Thresholds is the peer-reviewed, annual journal of architecture, art, and media culture produced by editors in the Department of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thresholds is held within 150 university art & architecture libraries around the world.

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