JOKE recently launched a new web address as part of its ongoing evolution into a formal medium of design and expression. The new address identifies the role of JOKE within the continuing development of an analytical voice for architectural articulation and represents a constantly evolving identity for the expressive platform.

As boundaries become constantly transcended and the identity of the everyday becomes increasingly blurred between our particular surroundings and representation on the world wide web, the new web address represents a move towards the importance of establishing a definitive identity. By moving to an independent web address, JOKE shifts into becoming a more decorous discipline.

The design of the website remains focused on the various disciplines in which JOKE mediates. Each project/article/snapshot is identified with relations to its relative constraints and the particular studies are showcased in connection. The solution and observation to each project is celebrated through the website’s concise design.

JOKE also introduced new contacts to coincide with the launch of the new web address.
Joey Yim
Kenneth Ip


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