Car Park House

Seen on Kennedy Road, this residential building partially cantilevers over a curved ramp that brings cars over the street and into the car park complex opposite at an upper level.

A footbridge connects the two buildings at high level. I find it quite intriguing to have to go UP from your house in order to retrieve your in the morning before driving back DOWN from the car park, past the window of your flat.

A closer look at the footbridge that connects the two buildings. The scaffolding wrapped around the two make them look all the more curious.

Photos showing the ramp in use. Note the black car in the bottom left hand corner.

Coming out from behind the building.

Crossing the ramp above the public street.

Some interesting details in the fire escape for the parking lot. The void behind a circular opening in the elevation perhaps suggest a hint of Louis Kahn?

Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Exeter
Image Source

The National Assembly Building, Dhaka
Image Source


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