Floor Mats; Play Mats

As Winter turns into Spring, the weather in Hong Kong has seen some unpredictable weather during the course of the past few days. Perhaps that’s why this office building in Wan Chai has set out some rather temporary floor mats to keep its floor dry during the rainy seasons. However, it was all clear skies tonight and the floor mats, taken out of context, look almost playful in its arrangement.

The building was conceived and designed in the late 1980s, part of the larger complex of Hopewell Centre. Its main entrance to the office lobby is located at podium level, one storey above ground, giving valuable street frontage to more profitable stores and restaurants. An elevated walkway connects the podium to the neighbouring Hopewell Centre as well as across Queen’s Road towards the subway station.

As protection against rain from dripping umbrellas, perhaps the worst enemy of shiny office lobbies, the management office has laid out a number of floor mats to keep the floor dry. However, instead of using one at its main entrance (there are 3 at the building, 1 of which is rather wide), the lobby has been tiled all over with red floor mats, which, under the yellow lighting of the office building, turns into a wonderful shade of orange that becomes a playful installation to the otherwise mundane lobby.


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